Useful TYPO3 VS Code Extensions for Your TYPO3 Development

Are you in love with popular Visual Studio VS Code PHP IDE? If you are using it in your daily TYPO3 development, then you should consider to install and configure these TYPO3 VS Code Extensions.

Step 1. Go to VS Code > Tools > Extensions

Step 2. Search & Install following VS Code Packages

  • TYPO3 Code Snippets
  • TYPO3 Fluid Snippets
  • TYPO3 TCA Snippets
  • TYPO3 TypoScript
  • TYPO3 FlexForms Snippets
  • Browser Preview
  • GitLens
  • Material Icon Theme (Optional)
  • PHP IntelliSense
  • Project Manager
  • SFTP
  • Sublime Text Keymap and Settings Importer

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