TYPO3 Talk with Luisa: Head of Marketing Team

Welcome to the TYPO3 Interview Series! Check out the Interview with Marc on TYPO3 For Everyone! We have launched the TYPO3 initiative for business executives, professional freelancers, marketers, decision-makers etc. The ultimate goal, Inspiring people to communicate about TYPO3 eco-system by keeping the philosophy of OpenSource.

TYPO3 Talk with Luisa: Head of Marketing Team

Welcome to the TYPO3 Interview Series - 13!

This time we're honoured with interview of Luisa Faßbender, TYPO3 Marketing Team Lead and Project Manager at Marketing Factory Consulting GmbH.

Honestly this is an interesting TYPO3 talk, grab the cup of coffee to explore Luisa's insights about her views, history and potential of TYPO3 and open-source community, and how we can build a better TYPO3 Eco-system together!

Let’s explore her cool journey with TYPO3, and a lot more!

  • Interviewee : Luisa Faßbender
  • Company : Marketing Factory Consulting GmbH
  • Designation : Project Manager & TYPO3 Marketing Team Lead
  • Topic : Together Building a Better TYPO3 Eco-system

Hey Luisa, Tell something about yourself to our audience.

Hey Sanjay! My name is – obviously – Luisa, I’m 24 years old, working as a project manager at Marketing Factory Consulting GmbH in Düsseldorf. Besides that, I’m currently enrolled in a masters programme at FOM (M.Sc. Marketing & Communications) and I’m the TYPO3 Marketing Team Lead :)


First question, How did you initially get involved with TYPO3?

I first got into contact with TYPO3 at Marketing Factory when I started working there as an intern in 2015. Marketing Factory has been working with TYPO3 since 2003 and developed around 400 websites based on the CMS since. 

I took my first steps in the TYPO3 Backend as an editor, creating and editing content for our customers for different target groups. For example, I created around 40 different “advisory texts'' concerning home life. Those included: How to take care of certain plants, how to grow pumpkins/strawberries in your own garden, how to deep clean your car’s interior etc.

My first actual contact with the TYPO3 community was during TYPO3 Camp Rhine Ruhr in 2016. Even though I was a little bit intimidated and hesitant at first, this is where I fell in love with the community.


How do you contribute to TYPO3? How does your company encourage open source business practices?

I personally contribute to TYPO3 by trying my best to be a good Marketing Team Lead and  bring up new ideas and ways to improve the marketing efforts. I’m really passionate about the topic of marketing – hence why I’m studying it – and I think there’s still a lot of room for improvement for TYPO3 specifically. 

I’ve been working at Marketing Factory for almost 6 years as of now and ever since I started, I’ve been really impressed at how much they encourage contribution to TYPO3. Almost the entire company attends several Camps and Events each year and a lot of employees are enrolled in teams or committees of some sort. I’ve always felt supported in my contribution efforts and I really appreciate it.


As a TYPO3 Professional, What was your biggest challenge to building your TYPO3 business? Do you have any special tips & tricks for TYPO3 business people?

Since I don’t own a business, I’d just like to send an appeal to everyone who does: 

TYPO3 is a great CMS and I strongly stand behind it, BUT it simply doesn’t fit every need. I think a lot of frustration when it comes to TYPO3 is linked to the CMS not being able to sufficiently cater to the customers actual needs. Also: Talk more about the system itself. Educate your customers. Let them know which possibilities they have with TYPO3 and don’t only let them use it, but teach them tips & tricks.


Over the years, the TYPO3 open source ecosystem has evolved. When you look back, Are you surprised or feel lucky with the overall success of TYPO3? Where do you see it going in the future?

I’m really content with the way TYPO3 is currently heading at. I think the product itself has improved, as well as the community has grown immensely and I really love that we’re slowly, but surely reaching more people internationally! Especially the last year has opened up a lot of new doors. Due to the pandemic, all meetings and sprints had to be moved online – but thereby, we enabled so many more people to contribute. This certainly wouldn’t have been possible before and it allowed us to gain valuable insights into markets that we’re simply out of reach for us before. 

For the future, I think TYPO3 is going to become more of a standard and widely used CMS. All of the efforts concerning internationalization as well as standardization are opening up completely new ways. Ready to use templates, website starter kits and better documentation should lower currently existing entry / adaptation boundaries and make TYPO3 appeal to more people and use cases


Can you give us a sneak peek of TYPO3's future visions?

From a Marketing Team perspective: Our focus is strongly put on helping agencies being able to sell TYPO3 better. We are creating a variety of marketing resources and documents for marketers, decision makers and managers. 

Besides that, our goal is to increase the usage of TYPO3 overseas. Especially in the USA, TYPO3 is barely known and used, but the potential there is just insane. 

All in all, TYPO3 is going to be more versatile, as well as more standardized to be able to scale to different needs better.


TYPO3 is 20+ years old OpenSource CMS, Although we have very little CMS Marketshare. eg., At present, TYPO3 0.6%, WordPress 63.6%. In your personal opinion, What do you think about what we majorly missed in TYPO3 journey?

I think in the early days of TYPO3, it quickly rose in popularity in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, which led to the creation of a lot of german speaking camps and usergroups. The opportunity to look beyond our borders was simply not taken, so other competitors took over instead and are now established standards. Also, in my opinion, TYPO3 focussed on a pretty niché market and excluded quite a few possible users (especially small websites).


What do you think of the global expansion of TYPO3? What do you feel the TYPO3 OpenSource Eco-system needs most?

We need to enable people all around the globe to find information about TYPO3 easier and connect better to the community. Region-specific landing pages with basic product information, as well as possibilities to connect to user groups in different languages are much needed and should be one of our main focuses. We need to lower entry boundaries, improve documentation and help newbies get around easier. The mentorship programme is a great example for that!


As we are managing T3Planet, TYPO3 Marketplace, What do you think about the t3planet.com? What are some key factors & characteristics that would attract you?

First of all: Thank you so much for taking that approach and creating such an amazing variety of templates! Standard, ready to use templates are something that TYPO3 is missing and something that sets us back in comparison to other competitors. 

I like that you cater to a lot of different needs and provide both simple, as well as more comprehensive solutions! Additionally, the premium extensions provide sleek solutions for highly and regularly requested features! t3planet.com is neatly structured, easy to navigate and all in all a really great platform.


There are extensions, multilingual, multisite enterprise CMS, ease of use, among all these, what attributes for the TYPO3 success?

You’ve mentioned 2 of them in your question already: Multisite & multilingual. I think those are 2 of the biggest attributes to TYPO3’s success, because barely any other CMS can provide this out-of-the-box without any plugins or extensions. 

Besides those, I see the structured backend approach as a big plus for TYPO3. Everything is really logical and easy to find and navigating through the backend is easy to learn. 

Also scalability and extensibility are factors that appear to a wide audience  – TYPO3 can cater to almost every need and can easily and seamlessly be integrated into almost every third party system out there.


Who is your open source mentor/hero? Can you name some people (at least 5) whom you follow to get knowledge and updates of the TYPO3?

My personal hero when it comes to TYPO3 is definitely my colleague Simon Schmidt. He’s been my mentor at Marketing Factory since day one and is able to solve every problem I come across. Besides that, he’s also a great teacher and really patient. 

Another personal hero is Mathias Bolt Lesniak for sure. He’s someone that always knows the answer to everything and amazes me with his communication skills. Ever since I started contributing to the Marketing Team in some way or another, he has been there when I needed help and also gave me a lot of personal advice and leadership tips.  

Mentor / Hero Number 3 would be Benni Mack. Benni is one of the most compassionate people I’ve ever met, a great teacher and it’s always a pleasure to work with him. If you need to know anything about TYPO3 CMS, Benni is always the person to ask. 

Another mentor would definitely be Ronald Meeuwissen from MaxServ. He’s involved in several initiatives as well as the marketing team and one of the first people I met at the Venlo sprint 4 years ago. Currently, he’s working on the improvement of t3versions.com together with Torben Hansen and produces a lot of valuable market share and TYPO3 usage insights. 

Last but not least I’d actually like to list a few regular contributors to TYPO3, which deserve a lot love and appreciation as well:

  • Jeffrey A. “Jam” McGuire, Tracy Evans and Heather McNamee from Open Strategy Partners
  • Fabian Stein from the Design Team
  • Michael Telgkamp from the Accessibility Team

What are some places, blogs, and online communities you would recommend to our readers that you think are the best places to get help about TYPO3?

If you have a specific problem and are not able to find the answer anywhere online, or if you’d like to know anything on a certain topic in general, I would highly suggest just reaching out to people or join channels in TYPO3 slack! TYPO3 slack is a really active place and lots of people would love to help you out in your quest. 

For blogs, I would suggest the already known and established ones:

https://blog.marketing-factory.de shameless self promotion here – My colleagues and I write interesting, problem solving blog posts concerning a wide array of topics as well


Do you think TYPO3 still needs more active contributors? Especially in awareness, branding, and marketing.

While I think that TYPO3 already has a pretty stable base of contributors, I also think we could all benefit from even more active contributors. Especially concerning the international marketing efforts, we definitely need more, region specific marketing and content team members who can help us, spread the word about TYPO3 locally. 

In our last marketing sprints we found that people overseas are missing local TYPO3 user groups and agency clusters. In order to be able to establish TYPO3 internationally, we will need to figure out how to help individuals find their way into TYPO3. Paul Hansen for example has already done a great job reaching out to more agencies in North America and Canada and bringing them back into the TYPO3 universe. We need more people like Paul, who have connections to other local agencies and individuals and help them guide these into our community. That in turn, circles back to question number 9. I think we need to first and foremost improve the global representation of TYPO3 and appeal to more people in different languages.


Last but not least, Apart from TYPO3, What're the things you love to do?

I’ve been a festival enthusiast ever since I turned 18, but due to the pandemic, those didn’t happen in a while. However during the several lockdowns, I found my passion for cooking, experimenting with new ingredients, reading and ballet again.

Many thanks Luisa for taking the efforts and time to conduct these interviews and sharing your views with insights. 

If you too want to share your views regarding the TYPO3 Eco-system, you are more than welcome. Feel free to reach us or drop us a message in the comment section below.
Also, thanks to all Post Status readers, we will see you at the next interview. Till then stay tuned for next exciting T3Interview :)

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