Top 5 Free TYPO3 Gallery Extensions 2024

Almost every TYPO3 website uses images and TYPO3 Gallery Extension makes it easy to display those images in an attractive way. To help you find the perfect gallery extension, we’ve compiled a list of the best TYPO3 Gallery extensions, with their feature lists.

Top 5 Free TYPO3 Gallery Extensions 2024

Almost every TYPO3 website uses images and TYPO3 Gallery Extension makes it easy to display those images in an attractive way.

To help you find the perfect gallery extension, we’ve compiled a list of the best TYPO3 Gallery extensions, with their feature lists.

Find the best way to display your TYPO3 images with this roundup of the best TYPO3 Gallery Extensions.

Ready to dive deep? Let’s go!


Our Criteria for the Best TYPO3 Gallery Extension

In our opinion, a perfect TYPO3 Gallery Extension should be fast, easy to use, and have all the necessary features that you need to create beautiful galleries (such as lightboxes, image navigation, albums, etc) on your TYPO3 website.

The TYPO3 Gallery Extension should offer great user experience and help improve your image SEO as well.

  • A collection of different gallery formats such as tiled, mosaic, and masonry.
  • Lightbox viewing, for users to get a larger version of the photos in your gallery.
  • Support for both video and photos, with tools for linking to YouTube and Vimeo videos.
  • Mobile-friendly galleries so that users can view your photos from tablets and phones.
  • Image optimization with lazy loading. This is essential if you plan on having lots of photos on your website. It’s bound to improve the speed of your site and make search engines happy.
  • Gallery templates to eliminate the need to start a gallery from scratch.
  • Customization tools so that you can match your branding, fonts, colors, and other elements with what your current website looks like.

The list could go on, but this is a good starting point for you to identify what’s most important to your business when it comes to finding a TYPO3 Gallery Extension. 

TYPO3 Gallery Extensions

#1 All In One Gallery

Latest LTS

TYPO3 Version


Extension Key

All In One Gallery is a feature-rich TYPO3 gallery extension that provides all in one TYPO3 gallery solution. This extension helps you to integrate a rich-level TYPO3 gallery with multiple layouts, variations, lightbox, etc.

NS Gallery provides a variety of galleries to choose from and allow administrators to present media to website users in the best possible way. Galleries in these extensions are not limited to just images and it also allows you to add self-hosted Videos, YouTube Videos & Vimeo Videos.

The following Galleries are available with this extension:

  1. Album View (Open in same/new page)
  2. Masonary View
  3. Isotope View
  4. Mosaic View
  5. Slider View & Carousel View
  6. Google Search View
  7. Zoom View



    • Backend Dashboard
    • Manage Gallery & Albums from Backend
    • Load More / Pagination
    • Responsive Galleries
    • DeepLinking/Hash
    • Lazy Load
    • Themes (Default, Dark)
    • Navigation arrows    
    • Mouse Dragging
    • Image Counter
    • Slider Loop
    • Thumbnail
    • Zoom option
    • Full Screen Slideshow & Speed management   
    • Download images

#2 Camaliga: CArousel/MAp/LIst/GAllery

TYPO3 v9, 10

TYPO3 Version


Extension Key

Camaliga carousel/map/list/gallery TYPO3 Extension is a flexible extension to display elements in different ways. It can use categories for sorting and restriction in the FE. It offers a full-text search and a proximity search. You can use different jQuery-plugins.

This flexible extension can display elements as e.g. carousel, gallery, list, or on a google map. 

Some highlights of Camaliga TYPO3 Gallery extension are:

  • Many templates for the output.
  • You can use the categories of TYPO3 for classification and restrictions in the front-end.
  • Full-text search.
  • Proximity search if you use an OpenGeoDB table.
  • you can use different jQuery-plugins – even your own one – for displaying the elements.
  • It supports some Bootstrap 4 components: Carousel, Tab, Collapse, and Modal.
  • Supports ke_search.
  • Scheduler task for CSV import and export.
  • Viewhelpers and utilities implemented.
  • You can create new entries via frontend or backend.
  • Backend module.

The extension is not always easy to use, but it is very flexible and admins will like that.


#3 Generic Gallery

TYPO3 v9, 10

TYPO3 Version


Extension Key

Generic Gallery is aimed to be an all-rounder TYPO3 Gallery Extension to rule them all. Template-driven for use with any kind of gallery/slide / rotate script. This extension was developed to speed up the development of different kinds of Java-Script driven galleries, slideshows, or interactive teasers.

It’s possible to define multiple galleries with TypoScript and HTML Templates. These gallery types can be easily changed with a select box within the plugin content element.

Explore the features of Generic Gallery

  • One plugin for every kind of picture gallery/teaser slider
  • Single item support (with title, link and position descriptions)
  • Multiple images support
  • Image collection support
  • Image detail view
  • Makes use of TYPO3 built-in image cropping
  • Easy templating
  • EXIF and IPTC support
  • All properties provided by FAL could be used
  • Comes with a nice BE layout
  • Twitter Bootstrap Examples (version 3 and 4)
  • TYPO3 Linkhandler support

#4 Grid Gallery TYPO3 Extension

TYPO3 v8, 9, 10

TYPO3 Version


Extension Key

Grid Gallery TYPO3 Extension adds a modern grid gallery content element to your TYPO3 website.

Some of the crucial features of Grid Gallery TYPO3 Extension are:

  • Based on extbase & fluid
  • Simple and fast installation
  • No configuration needed
  • No user-side image-manipulation needed
  • Fully responsive
  • Support for high-resolution screens

#5 Media Gallery TYPO3 Extension

TYPO3 v8, 9

TYPO3 Version


Extension Key

Media Gallery TYPO3 Extension is a FAL based media gallery for TYPO3. It allows you to display your media assets from your local or remote storage as media albums.

  • Easy to use for editors through TYPO3’s Mass Uploader
  • Quickly turns your FAL file collections into media albums
  • Based on Extbase and Fluid and therefore very easy to style
  • Comes with a basic automatic RealURL configuration
  • Supports LightBox/Colorbox (For a LightBox example use this extension in combi with EXT:bootstrap_package)
  • Fully configurable by TypoScript
  • Smoothly integrates into EXT:news => v3.2.0
  • Media Assets (images) can be protected with EXT:fal_secure_download or EXT:naw_securedl


We hope this article helped you pick the best TYPO3 Gallery Extension for your website. You may also want to see our expert pick of the must-have TYPO3 Slider extensions.
Don’t limit yourself with the basic image gallery that comes standard with TYPO3.

Of available extensions, use this list as a reference and framework to help you narrow down your choices:

  • What features do you want?
  • Do you need the gallery to handle just photos, or do you use other types of media like videos?
  • How important is mobile uploading to you?

And no matter which extension you end up choosing, make sure to optimize your images before proceeding.

Have you used any of these TYPO3 Gallery extensions? Have we missed any extension? Which one is your favorite and why? Let us know in the comments!

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