Why TYPO3 Store?

A TYPO3 Store has been a very versatile yet missing element for the TYPO3 community since its inception. We the creators of T3Planet TYPO3 Store dreamt of this concept to cover up this void and make a positive impact on TYPO3 Individuals, TYPO3 Business Owners, and TYPO3 Community.

Why TYPO3 Store?

The Idea

With the belief that businesses must embrace the power of combining purpose and profit, by supporting customers with premium powerful TYPO3 resources for projects, people, and community to achieve remarkable success with TYPO3 CMS.

The Need

TYPO3 Store ultimately focuses on helping people to have access to premium TYPO3 resources, share and earn from their unique TYPO3 Products, and help to complete creative TYPO3 projects.

The Benefit

Having a TYPO3 Store for the TYPO3 audience would serve as a channel for freelancers, agencies, and audiences to access premium TYPO3 products that they might have developed or wish to share for extra commission income on the side.

The Impact

A true idea behind TYPO3 Store is the belief that businesses must embrace the power of ‘and’. Combining purpose and profit, by supporting customers, authors, people, society, and shareholders to achieve remarkable success. It's why TYPO3 Store is needed to be a committed platform that makes a positive impact on TYPO3 Individuals, TYPO3 Business Owners and to TYPO3 Community.

Our products empower designers and creatives to do their best work. Whether it's getting projects done faster with creative assets, learning a new skill, or hiring a TYPO3 Support partner, we're here to help.

Today T3Planet’s Premium TYPO3 Products are used by independent TYPO3 freelancers to creative agencies and some of the world's most recognized brands. 

T3Planet’s values drive our creative mission

When The Community Succeeds, We Succeed

Ensures we always put the best interests of our community first.

Diverse and Inclusive

Reflects our belief that everyone thrives if we champion diversity and inclusion across all levels of the business.

Focus on Results

Calls on us to do our best work set clear goals, and do the right things well.

The Right People, The Right Environment

It empowers all of our staff to trust their peers, supporting each other as we hone existing abilities or develop new skills.

The Story of T3Planet TYPO3 Store

T3Planet, the dream that began at TYPO3 Conference 2019, is a leading platform for TYPO3 goods, today a family of 1K+ happy TYPO3 members to 50+ Premiums TYPO3 Products. Headquarter in India & branch in Germany the T3Planet platform was built for the creators, the doers, the Imagineers, the bloggers, and the entrepreneur to provide the tools that bring ideas to life.

Jan 2010

The Big Dream

With our long journey with TYPO3, our story begins in 2010, when we initiated our journey with TYPO3. Our founders, Nitin Chauhan and Sanjay Chauhan dreamed of creating a platform for TYPO3 developers, designers, and agencies to sell and share their TYPO3 products to an audience they might not otherwise reach.

After an experience of one decade in TYPO3, The dream was realized in 2019 when we began work on the original platform, T3Planet.

Mar 2019

T3Planet Is Born!

At the start of March 2019, We have initiated the project. And, the team aimed to launch at TYPO3 Conference in Oct 2019 into the TYPO3 community.

We have defined two major goals, 1st TYPO3 Store and 2nd TYPO3 Products. It took seven months to design and build the first version of the TYPO3 Store.

Nov 2019

Chicken Or The Egg!

Start a business they said. It will be easy they said. Everyone will want to sell their items, and the buyers will flock! Suffice it to say that was not the case at the Initial stage. Due to limited items for sale, we faced a chicken or the egg conundrum; without Sellers, there were no Buyers. Without Buyers, there were no Sellers. But gradually within a period of 2-3 months, the business began to bloom!

Users - 136  Items - 55  Visits - 2,646

Jan 2020

Drafting the Dream Team

As T3Planet began to grow, so did the team. We drafted our dedicated design, development, marketing, and support talent. This team gave us the dream team we needed to take the TYPO3 marketplace world by storm.

Jun 2020

Global Recognition

T3Planet TYPO3 Marketplace became a part of history as the first-ever TYPO3 Marketplace. We had TYPO3 in our DNA from the beginning so it felt good to be the initiator of the TYPO3 community.

Sep 2020

We Have Liftoff

After our acquisition, we looked to the future of T3Planet. We wanted to expand beyond just TYPO3 templates and Extensions. TYPO3 Marketplace was born with a vision to become the largest provider of TYPO3 products and services in the galaxy. We wanted to help others launch their dreams into orbit, and so we brought a solution - TYPO3 Website Builder!

Nov 2020

Freedom Of Website development With T3Karma!

Launched T3 Karma, the ultimately flexible TYPO3 template that was multipurpose packed with 100+ unique elements, colors, font, and customization variances. Sooner, Karma was loved that brought T3 Bootstrap, T3 Shree, and T3 Shiva to life!

Jan 2022

A Family Of 5K+

Launched T3 Karma, the ultimately flexible TYPO3 template that was multipurpose packed with 100+ unique elements, colors, font, and customization variances. Sooner, Karma was loved that brought T3 Bootstrap, T3 Shree, T3 Shiva to life!

Jul 2022

We Evolved & Re-branded

We evolved our brand into a TYPO3 Store by rebranding into the beautiful name T3Planet with premium quality TYPO3 templates and extensions.


The story must go on...

We feel like we're just getting started. There's so much work to be done. We feel that we have everything in place from our foundation of users, integrations with the leading solutions, new TYPO3 products, a new platform, and a big-time vision. Now it's time to take T3Planet to the next level.

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