TYPO3 Upgrade Service

Keeping your website up-to-date is crucial for Security, Stability, Compatibility and Performance. With each new TYPO3 version, potential security vulnerabilities are eliminated, and new features are introduced to enhance your website's functionality and improve your visitors' user experience.

Opting for the latest TYPO3 LTS (Long-term Support) version upgrades is the most economical way to ensure your websites continue to provide value.

TYPO3 Upgrade Service

Why TYPO3 Upgrade?

In summary, upgrading TYPO3 is essential for maintaining a secure, high-performing, and feature-rich website. It helps protect against
security threats, ensures compatibility with new technologies, and provides access to the latest features and improvements.


One of the primary reasons to upgrade TYPO3 is to enhance security. Newer versions often include security patches and updates that protect against vulnerabilities discovered in previous versions.

Bug Fixes

Upgrades address bugs and issues present in older versions, leading to a more stable and efficient website. Regular updates help ensure a smoother user experience for visitors.


Each TYPO3 upgrade may come with performance enhancements, optimizing the website's speed and overall functionality. This can positively impact user satisfaction and search engine rankings.


Upgrading ensures compatibility with the latest technologies, plugins, and templates. It helps prevent conflicts that might arise when using outdated software with newer components.

New Features

TYPO3 updates often introduce new features, tools, and improvements. By upgrading, users can take advantage of these enhancements to enrich their website's capabilities and stay competitive in the online space.

Support and Community

Running the latest version of TYPO3 means having access to the latest support and community resources. Older versions may not receive as much attention from developers, making it harder to find solutions to potential issues.

Legal and Compliance

Staying updated with TYPO3 versions is crucial for legal and compliance reasons. Some regulations may require websites to maintain a certain level of security, which can be achieved through regular updates.

Backward Compatibility

Delaying upgrades may lead to a situation where multiple updates are required, potentially causing compatibility issues. Regular, incremental upgrades are generally easier to manage and less likely to disrupt the website's functionality.

Modern Technologies

Your TYPO3 integrators and developers have the opportunity to enhance the codebase of your templates and extensions. This also provides them with the advantage the latest versions of PHP and databases.

What’s New in TYPO3 V12?

The latest Version of TYPO3 v12 release brings substantial improvements for editors, integrators, and developers alike.

For Editors

  • Enhancements to TYPO3 Backend User Experience
  • Enhanced Backend Search Functionality in TYPO3 v12
  • New Tiles View in the Filelist
  • Redirect Records
  • Filelist Backend Module
  • Element Browser
  • Retention Period for Deleted Records

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For Integrator

  • Better and Improved UI with Improved Backend Search
  • Redirect Records
  • Configuring File Mounts and Backend User Permissions Simplified
  • Accessing TypoScript Through a Request Attribute
  • Internationalisation
  • Retention Period for Deleted Records
  • TypoScript and Page TSconfig and Other New Technical Features.

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For Developers

  • Compatibility with PHP 8.1 & Symfony v6, Database Management with Doctrine DBAL version 3 
  • Incoming Webhooks (“Reactions”) and Outgoing Webhooks
  • New Security Features - Content Security Policy (CSP) and more
  • JavaScript ES6 for enhanced interactivity
  • CountryProvider API
  • Message Bus and Queue and CountryProvider API
  • Multi-level Language Fallback, TypoScript, Page TSconfig Introduction of New TCA and much more.

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Why Trust Us with Your Business?

As Silver Members, we are dedicated to delivering excellence to the TYPO3 community, and this dedication extends to our TYPO3 Upgrade services too. Our status as TYPO3 Award Winners shows our expertise in providing seamless upgrades. The certified TYPO3 developers and integrators are committed to ensuring that your TYPO3 platform evolves smoothly and efficiently during the upgrade process, resulting in top-notch TYPO3 solutions that meet your needs.

3 Steps to Upgrade Your TYPO3 Site


Analysis, Proposal & Planning


Initiate TYPO3 Upgrade


Reports: QA & Go-live!

Step 1. Analysis, Proposal & Planning

At the initial stage, we conduct a technical project analysis to create an estimate. Upon your confirmation, we kick off the project 
and strategize with local and staging server environments to ensure minimal downtime during the TYPO3 upgrade.

1.1 TYPO3 Compatibility Report 

Prepare technical analysis report of compatible/non-compatible extensions using our extension EXT:ns_ext_compatibility


1.2 Project Proposal

You’ll receive a detailed proposal, which includes Scope of work (SOW), estimation, planning, approach, and contract details.

1.3 Backup of TYPO3 Instance

Take a full backup of the TYPO3 codebase, Database and assets using our TYPO3 extension EXT:ns_backup


1.4 Kick-off & Planning

The dedicated project manager will do an internal kick-off meeting and send you the project’s planning.

Step 2. Initiate TYPO3 Upgrade

In the second stage, we initiate the TYPO3 upgrade procedure by updating the TYPO3 core and third-party TYPO3 extensions. 
Additionally, we explore the utilization of contemporary methods such as TYPO3 rector & scanning for extensions.


2.1 Start TYPO3 Upgrade

Initiate upgrade process with TYPO3 core, community-made and custom-made TYPO3 extensions compatibility.


2.2 Migration of Extensions

Find the alternatives and migration, e.g., tt_news to news, gridelements to a container, core form extension etc.


2.3 Using TYPO3 Rector

To speed up the TYPO3 upgrade process, we use a popular TYPO3 rector to repair code deprecation, break changes, etc.

2.4 Scan TYPO3 Extensions

Using the powerful core tool “Scan extensions files”, check and verify to remove deprecated & outdated TYPO3 API calls.

TYPO3 Upgrade or Relaunch

The Choice between TYPO3 Upgrade and relaunch can be complicated. It depends on your specific circumstances, goals, and budget. 
Here are some tips to guide your decision:

Transitioning from a significantly outdated TYPO3 version (e.g., v4 to v12).YesNo
Undertaking a business refresh or rebranding effort.Noyes
Seeking to enhance website responsiveness.Noyes
Introducing new technology paradigms like Headless or Progressive Web App (PWA).NoYes
Aiming for a comprehensive overhaul to improve coding standards and eliminate deprecated codeNoYes
Updating to keep pace with the latest technology standards and coding practices.YesNo
Ensuring compatibility with newer PHP versions.YesNo
Addressing issues with elements/extensions that are no longer compatible.YesNo
Adapting to a more recent TYPO3 version (e.g., v8 to v10).YesNo



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  1. You must grant us access to your TYPO3 instance and SSH/SFTP (staging or production).
  2. We will conduct a thorough technical analysis and generate a comprehensive report on the TYPO3 upgrade.
  3. Subsequently, we will provide you with an accurate re-estimation.

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As LTS support ends, security patches become outdated, leaving vulnerabilities that can be exploited. This puts critical data at risk and hampers website performance. It may also become more accessible to hackers.

While sticking with a functional version is tempting, skipping upgrades can lead to security vulnerabilities and compatibility issues. Regular upgrades are essential to maintain your website's long-term health and security.

TYPO3 Upgrades are carried out for the TYPO3 LTS (Long Term Support) (Major) version, which is released at a longer duration of time and consists of new features and functionalities; you can identify by the fact that the first digit of the version number changes, for example from 11.0.0. to 12.0.0.

While TYPO3 Updates are generally minor version releases carried out for Bug fixing and improving security for the LTS version, the fact that the second digit of the version number changes, for example, from 9.4.0. to 9.5.0.

Upgrades are for major versions; for minor version updates, you can checkout the SLA service.

Upgrading from a significantly older version to the latest may require multiple intermediate upgrades. But yes, It’s quite possible.

The time frame varies depending on factors like the current version, the complexity of your website, and any customizations. We provide estimates based on a thorough assessment of your site. Ranging from 1 week to 3 weeks.

Yes, our upgrade service aims to preserve your content and existing data. Compatibility checks and adjustments are made to ensure a smooth transition.

Not upgrading TYPO3 can expose your website to security vulnerabilities, reduced performance, and incompatibility with modern technologies. It may also lead to compliance issues with evolving web standards.

Yes, we can assess and upgrade custom-developed extensions to ensure they work seamlessly with the new TYPO3 version. <meta>Third-party extensions that are too complex or new feature requests may be charged extra.

Yes, we offer post-upgrade support to address any issues or questions that may arise after the upgrade is complete.Yes, we offer post-upgrade support to address any issues or questions that may arise after the upgrade is complete.

Yes, you can prepare by ensuring you have data backups, updating to third-party extensions, and documenting any custom code or configurations. Our team can provide guidance on specific requirements.

Adding new features and changes can be the best time. We can discuss anything you would like to add-on to the project scope with extra cost.


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