TYPO3 Slider Revolution Extension

TYPO3 Slider Revolution Extension


TYPO3 Slider Revolution Extension is built in Official Partnership with Theme Punch and is TYPO3 Version 12 Compatible.

It enables the creation of effective TYPO3 Sliders with a convenient drag & drop backend. It comprises 200+ modern slider templates and 2000+ pre-built robust slider elements offering powerful transitions and effects.

TYPO3 Slider Revolution also includes the Visual Editor, Slider Extension and all the templates, transitions and effects of the Standard WordPress Slider Revolution version 6.x from the core team.

Design your TYPO3 pages in the most beautiful way with sliders, carousels, hero scenes or even the whole front page.

Built With Theme Punch

TYPO3 Slider Revolution is built in an official partnership with Theme Punch - the creator of Slider Revolution which is the most popular WordPress slider plugin.

TYPO3 v12 Compatible

Add the modern slider designs to your TYPO3 version 12 website because TYPO3 Slider Revolution is now compatible with the latest TYPO3 version 12.

TYPO3 Slider Revolution - More than just a slider!

This versatile TYPO3 plugin helps beginner-and mid-level designers WOW their clients with pro-level visuals.
You’ll be able to create anything you can imagine, not just amazing, responsive sliders

The Drag-and-Drop Editor

Save ample time and effort with the TYPO3 Slider Revolution Editor.

It helps to drastically reduce the overall project duration with its amazing user interface. The navigation and functioning are smooth and accessible to help put your ideas into stunning visuals.

200+  Templates to get you started

These customizable templates are NOT just for TYPO3 responsive sliders, but also for hero sections, web pages and other content 
elements. You’ll able to create everything a pro can do without writing a line of code. Once you open your eyes to the immense 
possibilities our template library offers you, you’ll fall in love with it's flexibility.


Striking Animations &

Impressive selection of numerous slide animation presets to give simple to classy representation on your web pages.It has slides, curtains, boxes, fade, etc and also advanced options such as webGL transitions.

2000+ Element Library

The TYPO3 Slider plugin includes a library of varying ranges of options in media and objects of
  numerous types such as images, videos, PNGs, font icons, SVGs, and more. As per your brand
requirements,search for and applythe required element to create an exclusive visual.

Professional Templates
For Any Website

200+ Pre-built website & slider templates with
look, feel and animations that may cost thousands of dollars but in reality costs a mere fraction of it, requires zero coding skills and takes few mins to implement.

Super-Fast Styling 

A highly accessible backend interface allows
you to make smooth and speedy editing and changes to content, styles, and  settings. With everything structured and editor-friendly, the functioning becomes swift and direct.

Layer Varieties

In the editor view, get various layer options to create a visual of your choice such as Content, Styles, Animation, Loop Layer, Hover, On Scroll, Actions and many more.Apply them flexibly to single or globally on all the slides with various presets and keyframe support.

For All Website Types

TYPO3 Slider Revolutions offers customizations
for every website type.

  • Agency
  • Portfolio
  • Photography
  • Real Estate
  • E-Commerce
  • Blog/News
  • Music
  • Landing Page
  • And many more…

Build Modules From
Scratch Made Easily

Get help and support to build a brand-new module
with our Editor Guide.It will provide the basic setup
for you to start and accomplish faster.

Happy Slider Revolution Customers

25+ Add-ons to enhance your visual

Get Instant Latest Updates

With just one click, get the updates and instant access to the latest versions of elements, templates and other inclusions under the TYPO3 Slider Revolution.

Other Highlights

Flexible Sizes

Set your sliders to full width, full screen or automatic sizing. Fully responsive and flexible!

Unique Animations

Pick from a list of interesting slide transitions and customize them to your liking.

Full Layer Control

Add layers anywhere on each slide or globally for the whole slider. Possibilities are truly endless!

All Addons Included

TYPO3 Slider Revolution includes visual editor, Slider Extension & all templates, transitions and effects of standard WordPress Slider Revolution version 6.x

Visual Editing

Developed using the latest coding techniques & following strict TYPO3 coding guidelines.

Highly Customizable

Easily change the timing or direction of atransition effect and add additional special effects.

Watch Slider Revolution Quick Demo

Get a thorough idea of what our TYPO3 Slider Revolution can create with its fun backend controls.

TYPO3 Backend Screens

Reviews & Rating

4.6 / 5

Ralph Pfaff

Ralph Pfaff

Functionalities are just as same as WordPress's Slider Revolution extension. I can surely say that this TYPO3 version of the extension has been doing a pretty good job on my TYPO3 website.

This Extension made my task easy by just clicking and launching the procedure. It becomes very easy and convenient when you don’t have enough time to make your own or even try different extensions as I have already heard good things about T3Planet.

Johanna Papst

Johanna Papst

T3Planet’s support is incredible, I use their TYPO3 product now and then and the products are always top-notch. I recently bought their Revolution Slider Extensions and it works superbly. The product basically lets you put sliders consisting of images and texts on your web page. Once done, it looks really professional and rich

Marcel Lemann

Marcel Lemann

The most appealing thing for me was that revolution slider is now an official partner with Slider Revolution by theme punch, I know their work and that's what attracted me to buy this product but I gotta say, this one is really good, the way it enhances the overall look of the website is very good. I am currently using this one and I am having a good time customizing it.

Mike Schweitzer

Mike Schweitzer

I have to say, a slider puts a lot of character to your website, Revolution sliders is one of T3Planet’s paid Extensions but it is rich in UI and functionalities and has so many options and the best thing is that it is mobile friendly.

Karin Kruger

Karin Kruger

200+ pre-built sliders at TYPO3 Slider Revolution! You guys have really done a great job with this one...

Noah Neumann

Noah Neumann

This Extension made my task easy by just clicking and launching the procedure. It becomes very easy and convenient when you don’t have enough time to make your own or even try different extensions as I have already heard good things about T3Planet.

Nico Aach

Nico Aach

This is a very easy to use typo3 slider plugin to display slideshows. I'm not a programmer by any stretch of the imagination, but was able to make some really great slideshows that highlight my work. There are different formats you can choose and you can customize it to do just what you want. The tech support is absolutely wonderful. I wanted to do some things outside the norm, and even though I'm not a programmer, Sanjay was patient with me, and showed me exactly how to do it.

Christin Weiß

Christin Weiß

Our organization has been trialing alternatives to traditional slider solution from TER, but at T3Planet TYPO3 Slider Revolution checked all our boxes. Very easy to setup and use. There is a wide variety of customization options that can be configured both globally and on a per-slider basis. I am writing this review, in particular, due to their support staff. We had a question concerning certain functionality, and reached out to support for their advice. T3Planet staff not only provided me with the exact correct answer I was looking for, but also responded to my email within the hour. Certainly one of the most positive experiences I have ever had with a support team. Cannot recommend TYPO3 Slider and T3Planet this enough!

Karolin Hoch

Karolin Hoch

I’ve tried all sort of slider plugins available and this one is to be honest very vast and the best suited. Support is amazing and many thanks to the team for the hard work

Philipp Koertig

Philipp Koertig

I've found Slider Revolution to be the best way to add video to my TYPO3 websites. It comes with a ton of templates that save time in creating beautiful sliders. And, the technical support is very responsive and helpful!

Mathias Baumgaertner

Mathias Baumgaertner

I must admit that T3Planet bring revolutionary updates from v1,2 and 3. After a few years of use, I am really happy with TYPO3 Slider Revolution. The number of options can be daunting, and confusing at times, but they enable almost limitless customization, which I love. Keep up the good work! For anyone that needs a slider and page builder that rocks above all others, I highly recommend Slider Revolution.

Marco Beike

Marco Beike

TYPO3 Slider Revolution helps with my perfectionism. My project required something simple, elegant, templates from TYPO3 slider revolution helped me achieve what I wanted to achieve. I didn't want to buy a slider plugin, but after having bought a 5-site license for Slider Revolution's features, I'm so happy I did. Not only did I finish my project, it exceeded my expectations. I can have as many layers and images as I want in my hero section. I'm so happy to have this in my toolbox now.

Uwe Schmitt

Uwe Schmitt

The best extension ever exist in the world, i just want say this plugin is like adobe after effect for TYPO3.
I made my almost full website with this extension and i think without this plugin my website wasnt possible to make.

Wolfgang Eisenhauer

Wolfgang Eisenhauer

Thanks for bringing Slider Revolution for TYPO3. I have always loved working with Slider Revolution. I find it very satisfying to make sliders. And support team was very kind answered me in a fairly good timing and helped me so much that I feel very confident to reach out for support as I need it.

Mike Luft

Mike Luft

It's truly revolutionary what they provide. It is very simple to do complex and otherwise difficult effects.
The concept is very powerful, they provide very smooth animations and very modern solutions. They also have great support — prompt and professional!

Benjamin Himmel

Benjamin Himmel

I'm so impressed with Slider Revolution Extension. It's fast, reliable, and has made a huge difference in my work. I highly Recommend this Extension

Marcel Braun

Marcel Braun

Slider Revolution is a wonderful extension! I highly recommend this one!

Eric Herzog

Eric Herzog

The regular updates and new features of this extension keep it up-to-date with the latest web design trends.

Max Moeller

Max Moeller

I've tried many slider plugins in the past, but Slider Revolution is by far the best.

Mike Hartmann

Mike Hartmann

I never knew my website could look this good until I discovered TYPO3 Slider Revolution Extension.

Christian Zimmerman

Christian Zimmerman

I can't imagine my TYPO3 website without the Slider Revolution extension

Paul Meier

Paul Meier

I've tried several slider extensions for TYPO3, but Slider Revolution takes the crown. The intuitive interface, wide range of pre-built templates, and smooth animations make it a joy to work with. Plus, the recent compatibility with TYPO3 Version 12 is fantastic! It's great to see the developers staying up-to-date with the latest TYPO3 releases. Kudos to the team for creating such a powerful and versatile extension.

Florian Eichelberger

Florian Eichelberger

As a TYPO3 developer, I appreciate how seamless it is to integrate the Slider Revolution Extension into my TYPO3 projects. Truly a must-have extension!

Tobias Abend

Tobias Abend

Slider Revolution is a true gem for TYPO3 users! The ability to create custom sliders with drag-and-drop ease is a game-changer for me. I've received numerous compliments from my clients on the dynamic and interactive elements it adds to their websites.

Peter Eisenhauer

Peter Eisenhauer

I was looking for a way to create sliders for my website that would be both visually appealing and engaging. The TYPO3 Slider Revolution has everything I need and more. I'm really happy with this extension results.

Lucas Faust

Lucas Faust

As business owner, and I was looking for a way to create eye-catching sliders for my website. The TYPO3 Slider Revolution is perfect for me. It's easy to use, and it has a wide variety of features that allow me to create sliders that are tailored to my business.

Simone Gruenewald

Simone Gruenewald

I've been using TYPO3 Slider Revolution Extension for my TYPO3 website, and it's fantastic.

Christine Schwarz

Christine Schwarz

I needed a TYPO3 slider extension for my website, and TYPO3 Slider Revolution exceeded my expectations. It's fully compatible with TYPO3 v12, which is a must for me. The drag-and-drop editor is intuitive, Great job !

Claudia Pfaff

Claudia Pfaff

We owe a big thank you to TYPO3Slider revolution extension for making our website stand out, 5 star for this Extension!

Ulrich Eberhart

Our website has undergone a transformation since we integrated the TYPO3 Slider Revolution Extension. It's now a visual delight, and our visitors love the interactive sliders.

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TYPO3 Version

TYPO3 v8 to v12

Extension Key


Composer Support

composer req nitsan/ns-revolution-slider

Change Log

# 12.0.1

20th Jul 2023

FEATURE Support modern way of composer installation (no-more :@dev)

FEATURE Introduce dynamic symlink feature of WP-media to TYPO3-fileadmin

TASK Updated the Extension setup command

TASK Code review and improvement

RELEASE Minor version release v12.0.1

# 3.7.2

7th Jul 2023

TASK Compatibility Support for TYPO3 <= v11

FEATURE Introducing Slider Revolution v6.6.14

FEATURE Template Editing Guide

FEATURE Module Creation Guide

FEATURE Discover the Newest Premium Templates in the Template Library

TASK Removed deprecated and breaking changes code

RELEASE Minor support version for TYPO3 <= v11

# 12.0.0

20th Jun 2023

FEATURE Introducing Slider Revolution v6.6.14

FEATURE Template Editing Guide

FEATURE Module Creation Guide

FEATURE Discover the Newest Premium Templates in the Template Library

TASK Compatibility with TYPO3 v12

TASK Compatibility drop of TYPO3 <= v11

TASK Compatibility with PHP v8.1 & 8.2

TASK Compatibility drop of PHP <= v8.1

TASK Compatibility of MariaDB 10.3+ / MySQL 8.0+

TASK Compatibility of Composer >= 2.1

TASK Compatibility of Bootstrap v5 in backend module

TASK Removed deprecated and breaking changes code

TASK Support modern browsers

RELEASE Major breaking changes v12.0.0

# 3.7.1

23rd May 2023

TASK Change composer dependencies constraint

TASK Code review & improvement

RELEASE Minor version release v3.7.1

# 3.7.0

7th Feb 2023

FEATURE Upgraded to major WordPress v6.6.1

FEATURE Upgraded to major Slider revolution v6.6.10

FEATURE Added more ready-made Templates & Add-ons

TASK Migration scripts for the upgraded version

TASK Resolved warning in PHP v8 and TYPO3 v11

TASK Code clean-up and review

TASK Read the changelog at www.sliderrevolution.com/documentation/changelog/

TASK After the update extension - Run the default WordPress update wizard

BUGFIX Resolve the default MySQL port number

BUGFIX Fixed minor functional issues

RELEASE Release major version 3.7.0

# 3.6.2

23rd Aug 2022

BUGFIX Resolved multiple sliders on the TYPO3 page

TASK Code improvement in rendering sliders

RELEASE Minor bug fixing release v3.6.2

# 3.6.1

5th Aug 2022

BUGFIX Resolve slider-specific JS errors

TASK Code improvement for TYPO3 v11

RELEASE Minor bug fixing release v3.6.1

# 3.6.0

26th Jul 2022

TASK Compatibility with major PHP v8.0 and v8.1

TASK Minor improvement for older TYPO3 versions like v8 to v10

TASK Code clean-up and improvement

BUGFIX Removed deprecation of TYPO3 v11 & PHP v8.x

BUGFIX Resolved errors & warnings in TYPO3 debug environment

RELEASE Minor non-breaking release v3.6.0

# 3.5.1

16th Jun 2022

TASK Improve the way to check license system with EXT.ns_license

TASK Verify license only for admin logins; Ignore editor users

TASK Set bi-weekly to connect and check license server

TASK Code clean-up and improvement

RELEASE Minor version 3.5.1 release

# 3.5.0

14th Jun 2022

FEATURE New version 6.5.20 of the official slider revolution plugin

FEATURE Major Update to WP core version to the latest v6.0

FEATURE Get new features of the latest slider revolution (templates, add-ons etc.)

TASK Improvement to securely communicate between WP and TYPO3

TASK Code clean-up and improvement

BUGFIX QA Testing and minor bug fixing

RELEASE Major breaking changes v3.5.0 release

# 3.4.2

15th Apr 2022

BUGFIX Patch to fix `New module from Template`

TASK Adapt code into`revslider` WP plugin

TASK Code clean-up and improvement

RELEASE Minor bug fixing v3.4.2

# 3.4.1

31st Mar 2022

BUGFIX Fix mulitple CSS-files at `addAdditionalHeaderData & additionalFooterData`

TASK Code clean-up and improvement

RELEASE Release v3.4.1

# 3.4.0

21st Feb 2022

TASK Added service to call the setup event to check license

BUGFIX TYPO3 v11 compatibility issue fix for SignalSlot

BUGFIX Testing and bug fix for TYPO3 v8 to v11

BUGFIX TYPO3 version dependency updated

RELEASE Ready to major release v3.4.0

# 3.3.0

16th Feb 2022

FEATURE New version 6.5.16 of official slider revolution

FEATURE Get new features of the latest slider revolution (templates, add-ons etc.)

FEATURE Security improvement, Update to WP core version to latest v5.9

FEATURE For Security, Introduced AuthTocken based system to backend communicate between TYPO3 & WordPress

TASK Security improvement, Hide the user/pass from the URL

TASK Improved WordPress auto-login feature for the backend module

TASK Code clean-up and improvement

BUGFIX QA Testing and minor bug fixing of TYPO3 v11

RELEASE Ready to release major version v3.3.0

# 3.2.0

15th Feb 2022

TASK Added service to call the setup event to check license

BUGFIX TYPO3 v11 compatibility issue fix for SignalSlog

BUGFIX Testing and bug fix for TYPO3 v8 to v11

RELEASE Ready to major release v3.2.0

# 3.1.1

26th Nov 2021

[IMPROVEMENTS] Font family-related issue fixed

# 3.1.0

23rd Oct 2021

FEATURE Security features added for domain verification

BUGFIX Minor bug fixing in core slider revolution

RELEASE Releasing major v3.1.0

# 3.0.2

22nd Oct 2021

TASK Removed default Database configuration

RELEASE Releasing major v3.0.2

# 3.0.1

22nd Oct 2021

BUGFIX Major bug fix to resolve Cookie functions

TASK Improved configuration experiance by sleep(5) PHP function

TASK Removed default Database configuration

RELEASE Relesing major v3.1.0

# 3.0.0

21st Oct 2021

FEATURE Official Integration of Slider Revolution WordPress v6.5.9 (from ThemePunch)

FEATURE TYPO3 v11.5 Compatibility

FEATURE Re-Developed Whole Extension (Major Breaking Changes)

TASK Code Clean-up of the last V2

RELEASE Releasing major breaking release v3 LTS

TYPO3 Extension Installation Guide

T3Planet extensions generally work with all 3rd-party TYPO3 extensions from TER (TYPO3 Extensions Repository). If you come across a compatibility issue with any third-party module, we’ll help you.

If you face any technical issues, please create a ticket to receive help from our professionals.

We recommend that you perform a backup before starting the installation process to ensure that nothing can provoke a conflict.

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We've bifurcated it into the Annual and Lifetime models.

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Lifetime subscription model:
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Read more about the subscription model.

Yes, we provide professional installation service at €49. You can purchase it while checking out with your purchased extension.

You can request a customisation service if you need to configure it according to your business needs.

Yes, T3Planet demonstrates their TYPO3 products and comes with a 15-day money-back guarantee.

For Trial and best user experience, all T3Planet extensions are provided for testing and demo purposes with front-end and back-end demos.

So instead of a free trial, most of our TYPO3 extensions have demos where you can see how our modules work.

For customer convenience, we provide Frontend and Live TYPO3 backend; checkout

Yes, you can install any T3Planet extension on a test site and configure all the settings there before doing it on your live store. You can easily change your domain from a staging site to a live site on your own or may contact our support team to do it for you. Also, you can use activate/de-activate license feature

By default, T3Planet offers 1 year of premium support with 15 days money-back guarantee with your purchase. If you find any kind of bug or face any trouble within our template, you can create a support ticket from here - Submit a ticket, and our team will reply to you within 1 business day.

To extend support for more than 1 year, you would be required to renew your plan to a lifetime plan.

Whenever Team T3Planet releases a new version, particularly for the TYPO3 product, you will get email information about the newly released version.

You can then update the extension from your account

Step 1. Go to NITSAN > License Management

Step 2. Click on “Check for Updates” to your purchased product.

Step 3. If new updates are available, click on your particular product's “Update to X.X.X” button.

Check out our updated version of documentation.

You can install your TYPO3 extension with the below steps.

Step 1. Download EXT.ns_license

Step 2. Go to Admin Tools > Extensions > Install EXT.ns_license extension.

Step 3. Switch to NITSAN > License Management > Add Your License Key.

Step 4. Go to Admin Tools > Extensions > Activate Your Purchased Extension.

Detailed information can be found via documentation, Read more.

Yes, For a free TYPO3 extension, you can just use the mentioned composer installation command on this page. For the premium TYPO3 extension, we provide you access to our Private TYPO3 Composer Server.

Detailed information can be found via documentation, Read more.

Our license system allows you to access, download and install your purchased TYPO3 product(s) using a "license key". We have a license policy with domain-wise authentication. That means You'll need to buy a license / per domain. For example, If you want to use our particular TYPO3 product in 3 domains, you'll need to purchase a 3-domain license.

Support on the subscription is provided only for the account for which you purchased a subscription i.e Annual or Lifetime. If the modules are on another account, they will not be supported.

We have detailed documentation for every TYPO3 product, please click on the documentation link on this page which will lead you to our official documentation.

We take care well of the backend usability of all the TYPO3 products. You can find all the details like installation, configuration, and usage in our documentation. Yes, with our extended support service, our TYPO3 experts also train and help our customers to get familiar with and get used to the TYPO3 backend.

Yes, According to our vision, all the TYPO3 products are compatible with the current and last TYPO3 LTS version.

You can easily transfer your license key from one domain to a new domain. Please follow our De-activate/activate license feature at Documentation.

If you want to set up your purchased TYPO3 product at your local, staging, or testing server then please send us information at Submit Your Ticket.

There is no need to pay any additional cost after purchasing our products. But in case you need our installation or customization services, a fee will be required. For free products, our support will be given as the charged service.

Our extension plays a crucial role in bridging TYPO3 with the WordPress core and the Slider Revolution plugin. It proudly offers compatibility with most pre-designed Revolution templates and plugins. It's worth mentioning, though, that there are a few templates and plugins our TYPO3 Slider Revolution extension doesn't support due to limitations related to the integration of TYPO3 and WordPress.

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